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How we operate

In Gymporter, we operate in an efficient and hassle-free way and try to ensure our customers have full visibility of how we work. You don't need to worry about anything - we worry it for you. 

We take our customers' safety very seriously especially in light of Covid 19, so we professionally disinfect all of our bikes before and after the delivery. 


01 - Discover and Enquire

Find out more about our  bike specs including dimensions, functionalities of the bike, packages, availability and delivery services

02 - Book and Confirm 

Confirm rental period, name & address, requested delivery date

Payment confirmation -  options include Bank transfer and Paypal

Image by krakenimages
Delivery Van

03 - Pick, pack and arrange delivery 

Inform customers on the ETA

Customer confirm receipt of the bike

04 - Collection, Clean & Disinfect

Customer inform Gymporter where to pick up the bike one day in advance

Gymporter arrange the bike pick up and return to the warehouse

Professional team disinfect the bike

Cleaning Supplies
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